The ASIA Inspirations Difference

At ASIA Inspirations we believe that travel is an opportunity to truly discover a destination. To understand the people and places visited, feeling a real sense of culture and history and being inspired by enriching encounters.

Each tailor-made itinerary is individually crafted to capture your unique interests and aspirations. This is achieved through personal service, bespoke arrangements and attention to detail both before and during your travel.

We are experts in travel throughout Asia from China to Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Call one of our tailor-made specialists to discuss your travel plans and share ideas. And discover how we can help to create your perfect holiday.

Personal Service

The most important part of designing your holiday is to fully understand what you are looking to achieve. We will listen to your thoughts and ideas and will offer you suggestions based on our personal experience including the essential sights as well as the hidden gems. Only then will we begin to craft an itinerary that truly matches your requirements. Your holiday will be as unique and individual as you. By taking this personal approach we can arrange an itinerary that travels on a date that best suits you, visits the places that you want to go and can add any specific experiences to give you the holiday you really desire. We also carefully consider your budget so we can ensure you achieve the best itinerary for you with the greatest value.

Private Guiding

The best way to really experience a destination is to visit in the company of your own local expert. ASIA Inspirations uses professional private guides who have a passion for their country and are dedicated to achieving high service standards. Our guides will escort you to the heart of each locality sharing their knowledge and experience allowing you to discover the best of each destination. The benefits of private guiding cannot be emphasised enough. Providing an individual service, your guide will tailor their commentary to you and will answer questions based on your interests. You have flexibility with the timing and pace of your sightseeing so you may linger at places that hold a particular appeal and stop for photographs at any time. This is your personal holiday without compromise.

Accommodation Choices

Accommodation Choices

You may select the standard of hotels that suits you. We offer a range of accommodation in the four and five star categories and occasionally we will use hotels of a lower standard in more remote areas. We also highlight some of our favourite hotels in our Inspired range. This includes properties boasting unrivalled luxury such as Peninsula Hotels, Shangri-La and Banyan Tree or more unique experiences such as the heritage rooms of Raffles Hotel in Beijing, the Violet Junk in Halong Bay and the Manvar Desert Camp in Rajasthan. Other unusual options include staying in a Buddhist lodge in Japan or a ger in Mongolia. Inspired accommodation is not necessarily the most luxurious, but instead may be notable for its individuality, specific location or heritage. Cruising options are also popular and include the Yangtze River in China, the Mekong and Irrawaddy rivers in Southeast Asia and kettuvallam houseboats on the backwaters of Kerala.

Individual Transport

Individual Transport

While touring you will have the benefit of your own private vehicle (unless stated otherwise). With no waiting for other people you can travel at your leisure and maximise your time sightseeing. You will have a separate guide and driver to ensure you always have personal attention, although transfers may sometimes be without a guide. Travel between destinations will usually be by flight due to the distances involved with trains also an option. These connections are unguided; however you will enjoy private transfers to and from airports with your guide on-hand to assist with check-in.

Local Flavours

One of the delights of travelling in Asia is sampling the wide range of local tastes and styles. Each part of the continent has its own specialities, with China claiming eight regional cuisines and Japan famous for dishes such as sushi, sashimi and tempura. Each nation of Southeast Asia boasts their own distinct flavours and India offers a huge range of cooking styles from around the country. At ASIA Inspirations we encourage you to discover the local food and we will often include regional delicacies in our itineraries. At other times we allow you the space to make discoveries of your own, with your guide happy to supply ideas and advice to help you choose.

Concierge Service

For the ultimate in premium service, unrivalled luxury and exclusive experiences look no further than our Concierge Service. Featuring privileged arrangements, this service is designed for the most discerning of customers for whom only the very best will do.
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