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China is a land of contrasts which can be thought of not as a single country but as a whole continent. Each region has a different history, culture and landscape and there is a wide variety of ethnic groups, cuisines and even languages. From the classic historical sights to natural wonders and hidden gems, this is a land which will fascinate you.

Classic China

When we ask our customers to define the classic sights of China we are invariably told that it is the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and the Giant Pandas.

See the Great Wall near Beijing and explore other historical treasures such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven; discover the Terracotta Warriors in Xian where China united as one country over two thousand years ago; and visit Chengdu, home to the largest and most successful panda reserve in the world.

Add to this list the modern and cosmopolitan city of Shanghai and you have captured the essential destinations of this fascinating country.

Favourite Landscapes

The dramatic cliffs of the Three Gorges leave a lasting impression with our travellers, and to see them while relaxing on a luxury cruise ship makes the Yangtze River a popular choice.

For a landscape favoured by artists, head south to Guilin and the Li River where the rounded limestone hills form some of China’s most beautiful scenery.

Yunnan Province in the south-west of the country has diverse geography ranging from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan foothills to rolling hills etched with rice terraces. Add a delightful mix of ethnic minority groups and you have one of the most interesting regions in China.

Natural Wonders

China has a host of natural wonders that will amaze anyone looking to visit somewhere very special.

Sichuan Province is a particular favourite of ours with the mountains, lakes and waterfalls of Nine Villages Valley and the multi-coloured mineral pools of Huanglong. Also visit Mt Emei, a holy mountain with steep cliffs and lofty peaks.

Accessible from Shanghai, Mt Huang is regularly featured in Chinese art and evokes images of craggy cliffs and twisted pines. And see our Undiscovered China section to learn about Zhangjiajie with its forested mountains and rocky pinnacles that provided inspiration for the film Avatar.

Off the Beaten Track

Visit Tibet to learn about Buddhism and maybe make the adventurous journey to Mt Everest Base Camp; or journey along the Silk Road in the footsteps of Marco Polo to discover two thousand years' of history.

Qufu and Mt Tai are where you can discover the philosophy of Confucius; and Henan Province, with the ancient capitals of Luoyang and Kaifeng, is known as the cradle of Chinese civilization.

For those looking to venture more deeply into China there is a wide range of options. We have included some of our favourites on this website but there are many more that we know and love. Ask us about any specific destinations you have in mind or if you are looking for some inspiring ideas.

Fascinating Destinations

Top Ten Attractions

Great Wall
Walk along the most iconic sight in China
Read more about Beijing
Terracotta Warriors
Visit the resting place of the First Emperor
Read more about Xian
Giant Pandas
Meet these magnificent but endangered creatures
Read more about Chengdu & Sichuan
Yangtze River Cruise
Sail through China’s most dramatic scenery
Read more about the Yangtze River
Li River Cruise
Admire the poetic landscapes and ink-scroll imagery
Read more about Guilin
Forbidden City
See the Imperial Palace of the emperors
Read more about Beijing
Discover mystical temples at the Roof of the World
Read more about Tibet
Lijiang Old Town
Step back in time in Yunnan Province
Read more about Yunnan
Mt Huang
Enjoy views of towering peaks and swirling mists
Read more about Shanghai
Nine Villages Valley
Explore the wonders of China’s best kept secret
Read more about Chengdu & Sichuan

When to Travel

China is a year-round destination with spring and autumn tending to be the most comfortable seasons. Summer is typically hot and may be wetter than other times of the year. Winter may be cold, but there are fewer travellers and often the best prices.

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